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New OLED Flat Screen TV – ‘Best of Show’ at CES

What could be better than a Best in Class Plasma or LCD Flat Screen TV?

The New OLED Flat Screen TV – ‘Best of Show’ at the CES Electronics Show in Vegas……LG and Samsung have both featured the upcoming 55” OLED TVs which are the thinnest Flat Screen TVs yet…..Just millimeters thin, the LG beat out Samsung for the ‘Best of Show’ Award…but both TVs are incredible!

Not only are they a designer’s dream because they are ultra thin….but they also PRODUCE BETTER COLOUR and DEEPER BLACKS than any other TV on the market.

Previously the OLED TVs were only available in very small screen sizes so the introduction of a 55” is a huge step forward….they should be available for purchase later this year.

Check out this clip from the LG booth at the CES Show